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Bringing Positive Change

What is

Life Coaching?.


Life Coaching facilitates the process of personal, professional and/ or spiritual development that can lead to increased confidence, inner balance, setting and reaching goals, healthy decision making, life with less resistance and finding your purpose and motivation. (yay!) 

Infinite Possibilites
Why would you want a
Life Coach?


Languishing when you know you are capable of much more? 

Fearful of change? 

Want change but don't know where to start?

Cataclysmic life event? Separation, divorce, job loss, loss of health, grief, menopause, pandemic effects?

Forgotten who you are?

Time to challenge yourself and see what you can bring to the world?

Fed up with your attitude?

Want to up your game, want to feel satisfied?

Scared shitless? Lost your mojo?

Want to increase your support network in a healthy way?

Want to make positive changes for the benefit of you, your relationships and the world?

Lost and need helping finding your direction?

Confused right now?  Need pep?

Lamenting the past and want to move forward?

Not sure, but yes?

Can feel the world is split apart and changing?

Loss of confidence or low self-esteem?

Can't find your value?

Identity crisis (hello Chiron in Aries)

Want to trust life and the universe?

Don't understand why you attract negative?

Life is such a struggle. Your get up and go has got up and gone. 

You are incredibly successful but feel unfulfilled?

You want to up your success

Want to move from lack to abundance?

Pivotal moment in your life, wtf now? Help!

Bogged down with stuff, want to shake it off?

Want to be motivated?

You just know there is more to life?

Feel trapped by your past?

Want to radiate with your true essence?

Fed up with hiding?

Been dimming your light to fit in?

Want to explore the universe?

You keep sabotaging your success?

Increased self-awareness and awakening and want to share this with someone?

Want to work in a collaborative relationship that is totally focussed on YOU

Want accountability?

Want to increase your levels of Well-Being?

Know there is a piece missing?

Time to take that Leap of Faith?

Want to find your edge?

You are dreaming of bringing a new world into being?

Need a Soul Sister to help you along?

Laying foundations for something new?

Something is happening?

Want to heal and let go of the past?

Stuck in an old philosophy?

Out-dated paradigms- or someone else’s agenda? 

You need focus and direction?

Completely unorganised and want to get it together?

Want to invest in your-self and your future?

Want to create a new way of being?

Overwhelmed and overthinking?

Working through your shadows

Need an ally?

Want to get things done?

Want to start breaking patterns that no longer serve?

What coaching is NOT.

it is NOT counselling or therapy.

Client testimonials




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I really enjoyed the life coaching sessions and felt very supported during a transition in my life.

Diana A

She, in just 6 sessions, completely changed my outlook, and left me feeling more positive about the world and my place in it. 

Terry M  


You are worth it.


I help you reframe your perspective and powerfully shift your narrative to recognise and receive the opportunities that present themselves. 

Vanessa is more than just a life coach and I can’t even put into words what I mean. The experience of working with her have been tremendous and my mind and spirit are in a much better place since this. I 100% recommend her services, especially if you, like me feel like you have lost direction in life. I reach the age of 47 this year and I suddenly feel like I have my whole life ahead of me again... Stuart D

I can't recommend Vanessa highly enough. Her relaxed nature, insight and open mindedness made our sessions together highly enjoyable and something to look forward too.

Terry M

bringing positive change


Want to see what will happen if you commit to this?

Are you ready and willing to invest in yourself and work with me?

I came to the life coaching sessions with Vanessa unsure what to expect but within 6 weeks I had walked away not only with a clear plan on the steps I needed to achieve my goal but a much clearer understanding of my life direction in the medium term. Life coaching exceeded my expectations and has given me real clarity on a way forward. 

Carol D

Fill in your own!



As a Life Coach I activate a new a process of self awareness and expansion that is limitless

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