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2022 Heart & Strength

The energy of this year is about Heart and Strength.

We used to live in a time when to be considered strong we must react, defend, protect, force or exert authority, keep it all together, work hard. That construct is breaking down fast.

We are moving into a world of response, support, guidance, and trust.

Heart is not just a place of intimacy and romance, it’s a powerful guidance system -part of our innate life tools that steer us correctly through life. It is where our deepest wishes and desires live.

The old world tells us that to follow our heart is whimsical and unrealistic. The new world tells us that’s how we find our gifts, our purpose and how we best serve the whole. To honour and recognize our heart is to be strong.

Most of us are straddled between the old story and the new, at times leaning in to the new with hope and optimism and other times clinging to the familiar and known no matter how unsatisfying.

This year brings fresh opportunity and the energy to fine tune and refine what being a strong person really means. We can make a new definition of strength as gentle and compassionate and true to self. This year holds the space for you to discover what your heart wants. And what making decisions from heart feels like, to be deliberate and conscious of what you are creating in this world. What will you decide?

What are your strengths? What does your heart want? Are you willing to find out? Are you open to receiving a whole new level of support? Do you Want to work with me?


Bringing Positive Change

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