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Vanessa, a bit about who I AM

My philosophy is emergent; lots of things in the world are changing including me.  I am influenced by the global shifts, the desire to be more connected to life, to delve into our metaphysical origins and destination and to operate out of heart from a responsive and deliberate position rather than reactive and fearful one.

I believe we should look after ourselves, value and cherish our selves (energy, body, mind, soul, time, perspective) as much as we do others.  We are unique individuals with a unique combination of characteristics, strengths, gifts, purpose, and each have a part to play that impacts, contributes and influences the world around us.

If we are brave enough to really take care of ourselves and follow our heart the whole world reaps the benefits as much as we do personally.  That is my primary objective as a Life Coach; to help my client to see their value and live their life full of vitality and juice with enough energy to focus on the work and projects and people that are really important to them to fulfil their goals – for all of us!


Life Coach, Support, Guide, Mentor, Promoter of well-being, Awareness activator, Inspiration initiator, Taurus, Projector, Mediator, Facilitator, Red Electric Dragon and so much more!




‘Follow your strategy, honour your inner authority, love yourself’ (Ra Uru Hu)

Human Design answers and feeds many of my questions regarding the universe and our part in it from a mystical and scientific approach.   Living your design and learning to love it is one great big experiment with your Strategy and Authority. The fundamental aspect of the system, and my belief, is accepting your mind is NOT an inner authority.  Mind takes you to who you are not.  Mind does not have your back or your best interests at heart.  Learning to listen to your body when making decisions will lead you to the right people, places, projects with plenty of satisfaction, success, peace, or delight.  It is life with less resistance and more flow as we meet our challenges and hone our gifts. 

‘Thoughts become things’ (Mike Dooley)

 Our aura engages and interacts and communicates with others.   We can raise our vibration from operating in the low shadow frequencies to operate on a higher level - with a little fine tuning and practise we can choose to be more positive thereby affecting what we attract into our lives. The building of the positivity ‘muscle’ creates new neural pathways that soon establish themselves and become normal behaviour.  We can do this by changing the stories we tell,  believing the universe wants you to have your hearts desires, not tuning into negative outside influences and by practicing gratitude. 

We attract what we think about;  that is the universal law of attraction, it is just physics – quantum physics.   What we think about manifests in our bodies and around us as we impress our images and thoughts, feelings and dreams onto matter.

‘From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.’  (Karl Marx)

We cannot get along with everybody, nor should we try, so we must learn to recognise those that drain and deplete our energies and have boundaries in place that allow us to move away and move on in a healthy way. 

I endeavour to treat people the way I would like to be treated.  For me that is a mix of respect, kindness, acceptance, integrity, and a bit of humour.   I expect honesty from my clients for the success of their own process, and perhaps braving vulnerability will be part of their process. 

Life continually gives us challenges.   I have been given the tools to recognize my strengths, a sense of direction and a plan for a new future.   I can give this back to others.

‘More Love, Less Meat, More Trees, Less Heat’ (Sara Thielker)

A big shift for me in recent years is how I view myself within the environment and valuation of the planet.  I had bought into the belief that my impact was minimal and meaningless.  I held on to believing that what I did was irrelevant and inconsequential and thought it ridiculous to compare it to the great industry of factories and cities. I chose not to look at my part in all of it.  

We need resources, clothes, beautiful things, useful things, things that help us find out what we do and don’t like.   I hold the vision of an abundant world in which we all have what we need to thrive without being sucked into a consumerist frenzy that is wild and irrational and mindless – this plays into our sense of well-being.     What we consume- food, drinks, stuff, environment, beauty,  silence, light, words, media and those people we surround ourselves with are part of this equation because if we ignore /don't make the right choices for ourselves we become compromised and bogged down in too much stuff, junk, clutter, disease, bitterness, anger, unsatisfied.  Boo to that.

‘Success in life is becoming what you want to be’  (Wallace D Wattles)

I hold the space to explore personal obstacles and psychological limitations, putting into place strategies and sharing tools and exercises to overcome these.  Coaching to set aligned and healthy goals to realize authentic personal success and greatly increase overall sense of well-being.

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