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I recommend 6 sessions of coaching to really get the best of the process, save by booking 6 at once. Please text me to arrange a chat.  Not sure you are ready for 1:1? - join one of my workshops or if you just want to dabble I have worksheets you can download.  All of these products require your best intention and commitment!  

1:1 coaching sessions

£40 per hour

£200 book 6 in advance


Infinite Possibilities £120 per person 

From the inspirational Mike Dooley, I am a certified trainer/facilitator of the Infinite Possibilities workshop. A programme that helps explain how you and the universe co create your reality, shattering old belief systems and probably blowing your mind a bit too.  

An informal, fun and powerful way to teach tools that increase well being, raise vibes and change lives.  Excellent for individuals, team building and supporting work/life balance strategies for higher functioning and better performance.  Book as a group or join my next zoom workshop. (Please contact me for group and on site bookings, fees etc.

Dates Coming Soon!

All payments through paypal:


All purchases are non refundable.

©My work is protected by the UK and International copyright laws (do your own thing it will be much better than you doing my thing.)

I am a member of the ICF because I am a professional Life Coach with serious skills backed with good intention and respect for you as an individual.  I want to help and be of service.  If this or any part of my work does not resonate with you for some reason so be it, maybe tell a friend- it might be just what they need right now.

I cannot be held responsible for your personal growth and development or the consequences of that in yourlife :)  

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